Defeating Putin Is the Only Route to Peace in Ukraine

Offering the Russian president a face-saving compromise will only enable future aggression.

World War II Is All That Putin Has Left

The regime offers Russians little more than selective memories of Soviet-era military triumph.

Ukraine and the Words That Lead to Mass Murder

First comes the dehumanization. Then comes the killing.

Liberation Without Victory

In a wide-ranging conversation at his compound in Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tells The Atlantic what Ukraine needs to survive—and describes the price it has paid.

There Is No Liberal World Order

Unless democracies defend themselves, the forces of autocracy will destroy them.

A Ukrainian Victory Is the Only Acceptable Endgame

The Ukrainians and the world’s democratic powers must work toward a goal.

Why We Should Read Hannah Arendt Now

The Origins of Totalitarianism has much to say about a world of rising authoritarianism.

The West Should Stop Doing Global Kleptocrats So Many Favors

By enabling corrupt oligarchs, we undermined democracy. We need a new strategy.
The Impossible Suddenly Became Possible

The Impossible Suddenly Became Possible

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the West’s assumptions about the world became unsustainable.

Calamity Again

No nation is forced to repeat its past. But something familiar is taking place in Ukraine.

There Are No Chamberlains in This Story

Everyone present at the Munich security conference agreed that a Russian invasion of Ukraine will trigger severe sanctions.

Why the West’s Diplomacy With Russia Keeps Failing

A profound failure of the Western imagination has brought Europe to the brink of war.