Gorbachev Never Realized What He Set in Motion

Almost nobody has ever had such a profound impact on an era, while understanding so little about it.
When Russia Schemes, Moldova Suffers

When Russia Schemes, Moldova Suffers

A tiny country has democratic ambitions. Putin has other ideas.
The Other Ukrainian Army

The Other Ukrainian Army

Imperiled by Russian invaders, private citizens are stepping forward to do what Ukraine’s government cannot.

Russia’s War Against Ukraine Has Turned Into Terrorism

The Russian military isn’t just bombing civilians. It’s also targeting the laws and values that protect human rights.

Boris Johnson’s Fake Populism Reaches Its Logical End

A prime minister’s absurd posturing led to his undoing—and will keep haunting his country.
If the January 6 Hearings Don’t Change Minds, Nothing Will

If the January 6 Hearings Don’t Change Minds, Nothing Will

The committee is laying out the facts in a way optimally designed to cultivate trust.

Defeating Putin Is the Only Route to Peace in Ukraine

Offering the Russian president a face-saving compromise will only enable future aggression.

World War II Is All That Putin Has Left

The regime offers Russians little more than selective memories of Soviet-era military triumph.

Ukraine and the Words That Lead to Mass Murder

First comes the dehumanization. Then comes the killing.

Liberation Without Victory

In a wide-ranging conversation at his compound in Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tells The Atlantic what Ukraine needs to survive—and describes the price it has paid.

There Is No Liberal World Order

Unless democracies defend themselves, the forces of autocracy will destroy them.

A Ukrainian Victory Is the Only Acceptable Endgame

The Ukrainians and the world’s democratic powers must work toward a goal.