Talking the Talk Of the Town

Ferk, nerk, es-em-dee. Pooka, purpa, ar-tee-o. No, I am not writing code, or gibberish, or avant-garde poetry. On the contrary, I am writing a list of terms that you, too, will need to know if you want to keep up with the big hitters in Washington this fall. Here’s a hint: It’s to do with that big blackout last month. Here’s another hint: Think acronyms. Continue reading “Talking the Talk Of the Town”

Parallel Universes

Late last week Tony Blair made a speech in Washington. Afterward various British journals of record summed up their prime minister’s performance. The Daily Mirror found “something quite nauseating” about the speech, in which Blair once again “backed America in what many now view as a war based on lies.” Continue reading “Parallel Universes”