The ‘Target List’

“Richard Lugar, R-Indiana. Voted Yes. Our leading internationalist wants to send even more manufacturing jobs in Indiana overseas so that important diplomats at UN receptions will be nice to him.”
“Peter Fitzgerald, R-Illinois. Voted No last time. Fitzgerald leans Green and is retiring, which always encourages irresponsibility. So he needs shoring up.” Continue reading “The ‘Target List’”

The People vs. Hussein

“Do you have a law certificate, and since when have you been recognized as a judge, after the occupation or before that?”
“Since the days of the previous regime and until now. The coalition authority asked me to hold this trial.”
“Then you are trying me by the order of the invasion forces. By what law are you trying me?
“I am trying you in accordance with the Iraqi law.”
“Then you are trying me by the law that I enacted…” Continue reading “The People vs. Hussein”

Willing Torturers

A few years ago, a scholarly book with the provocative title “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” climbed to the top of U.S. bestseller lists. In part the book attracted attention because its author located the origins of the Nazi death camps in the German national character, in German history and in the specific nature of German anti-Semitism. What happened in Germany, he implied, could never happen anywhere else. Certainly it could never happen here. Continue reading “Willing Torturers”