Small Government Is So 1990s

Try, if you can, to screen out the memories. Forget the cover stories, the “Angriest Man in America” profiles, the revolutionary rhetoric, the million-dollar book contracts. Whether you loved him or hated him, forget how he infuriated you.

Student Loan Swindle

To most of us, the phrase “student loans” does not conjure an image of wealth or riches. Most of us think a student loan is something that enables someone to live on canned soup and crackers for four years while holding down a hamburger-flipping job and pulling all-nighters in the library. A student loan is …

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Rather Irrelevant

Try as I may, I am unable to conjure up a single shred of nostalgia for the once-fabled network evening news programs. Walter Cronkite is a name to me, not a symbol of reassurance or stability. Edward R. Murrow is a historical figure.

‘Ownership Society’ or Snake Oil?

Trying to be a good citizen, I start from the beginning, and do what the government ads tell me to do: I open my computer, and type in A screen comes up, asking me what I want: A personal health plan? A prescription drug card? A nursing home?

Why Snub the Tories?

Some will judge the success of the Republican convention this week by the president’s speech. Others will try to gauge whether Sen. John McCain won over any moderate voters.

Stem Cell Stumping

“We also — we also need to lift the ban on stem cell research — (cheers, applause) and find cures that will help millions of Americans. (applause continues).” Applause continues. That’s a direct quote from the transcript of the speech that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gave at the Democratic convention last week.

The Politicized And the Apolitical

Boston — “So, I bet it will be a lot colder when you get back there to Washington, D.C.” We were driving through dense fog along the Pacific Coast, and the thermometer had hit 60, maybe 65 degrees. Actually, I said, July is usually a lot hotter in Washington.

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