Student Loan Swindle

To most of us, the phrase “student loans” does not conjure an image of wealth or riches. Most of us think a student loan is something that enables someone to live on canned soup and crackers for four years while holding down a hamburger-flipping job and pulling all-nighters in the library. A student loan is for students, and most students aren’t rich. Continue reading “Student Loan Swindle”

The Irrationality of Terror

Funerals for 334 people, half of them children. Hundreds more — we may never know how many — in hospitals or “missing,” presumed dead. A town ravaged, a school destroyed, photographs of bloody children, wailing mothers. This is what the Chechen terrorists who attacked and destroyed a school in Beslan, southern Russia, achieved with their guns and bombs last week. Continue reading “The Irrationality of Terror”

Doing Nothing? Nothing Doing.

Last Sunday I had nothing to do. I’d run all my errands on Saturday. My children were away, staying with their grandparents. There was nothing happening in the outside world, or at least nothing I’m responsible for writing about. Energetically, I set about tackling what had seemed an insurmountable backlog of weeding. But when I’d finished, it was only 11 a.m. Continue reading “Doing Nothing? Nothing Doing.”

Stem Cell Stumping

“We also — we also need to lift the ban on stem cell research — (cheers, applause) and find cures that will help millions of Americans. (applause continues).”

Applause continues. That’s a direct quote from the transcript of the speech that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gave at the Democratic convention last week. Continue reading “Stem Cell Stumping”