The Torture Myth

Just for a moment, let’s pretend that there is no moral, legal or constitutional problem with torture. Let’s also imagine a clear-cut case: a terrorist who knows where bombs are about to explode in Iraq. To stop him, it seems that a wide range of Americans would be prepared to endorse “cruel and unusual” methods.

Does the Right Remember Abu Ghraib?

During the past eight months there have been many news cycles, many front-page stories, many events. There have been elections. There have been hurricanes and tidal waves. Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things, eight months is not a very long time.

Russia’s Last Stand

Moscow — She had just turned 18. She was a freshman at a small American college. In flawless English, she explained that she was home for Christmas, visiting her family in Moscow.

The Freedom Haters

Just in case anyone actually thought that all of those people waving flags on the streets of Kiev represent authentic Ukrainian sentiments, the London Guardian informed its readers otherwise last week.

The New Iron Curtain

Before the election, the government mobilized groups of thugs to harass voters. On the day of the election, police prevented thousands of opposition activists from voting at all. Nevertheless, when the votes were counted, it was clear that the opposition had won by a large margin.

A German Lesson for Remaking Iraq

Yesterday Germans celebrated the 15th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Or, to put it differently, yesterday Germans marked 15 years of what has been the most peaceful, most comfortable, most orderly transition from totalitarianism to democracy ever — the polar opposite of the transition now taking place (if it is taking place) …

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Accept the Verdict

Unlike 99.9 percent of the nation, I didn’t think that yesterday’s election represented a choice between good and evil. When I pressed the little button on the touch-screen voting machine, I did not do so feeling that the defeat of my chosen candidate would signify the onset of Armageddon. Regardless of the outcome, I knew …

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Time to Tell Hussein’s Story

According to Ayad Allawi, the Iraqi prime minister, Saddam Hussein is “distraught and depressed” and begging for mercy. According to others, Saddam Hussein spends his days playing dominoes with former cronies.

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