The Drug Approval Pendulum

“It just breaks my heart when I think of American citizens having to go to Switzerland or Mexico to get the drugs and devices they need to stay alive because the Washington bureaucracy won’t approve them.”
— Rep. Thomas Bliley (R-Va.), 1995

“When the FDA approves a drug, it should be a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. . . . Consumers shouldn’t have to second-guess the safety of what’s in their medicine cabinet.”
— Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), 2005

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How the Pope ‘Defeated Communism’

If you’ve been watching television or reading newspapers at all over the past week, it would have been difficult not to learn that the late Pope John Paul II helped “defeat” communism. The pope has been said to have “sparked the fall of communism,” to have “stared down communism” or to have “championed communism’s collapse.” Continue reading “How the Pope ‘Defeated Communism’”

‘Remembering’ Philip Johnson

When Kurt Waldheim, a former U.N. secretary general, was found in 1986 to have served in a German military unit that may have committed wartime atrocities, his reputation was ruined. Although elected president of Austria, he was forbidden to visit the United States. Shunned by the international community, he eventually dropped out of politics. Continue reading “‘Remembering’ Philip Johnson”

A Test on ‘Tyranny’

“We were blindfolded and our hands were tied behind our backs. . . . They made me sit on the floor. When I tried to speak, they said ‘Are you here to talk? Shut up, you are a terrorist. Just confess to being one of the Mahdi Army.’ They poured cold water over me and applied electric shocks to my genitals. I was also beaten by several people with cables on my arms and back.” Continue reading “A Test on ‘Tyranny’”

Only a Game?

It is 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. You are the president of the United States, or the chancellor of Germany, or the British prime minister. You switch on the news and learn that three members of a Turkish family, recently arrived in Munich, have been diagnosed with smallpox. Continue reading “Only a Game?”