It’s Not Whether You ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’…

In recent months it has become common practice to talk about what it will take to “win” — or what it would mean to “lose” — the war in Iraq. Recently the pace of that talk has accelerated. Just last week President Bush published a “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq,” presumably a follow-up to the speech in which he talked of “defeating the enemy.” Continue reading “It’s Not Whether You ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’…”

The Rumor Mill

Did you know that a monster crocodile was fished out of the New Orleans floodwaters? Had you realized that sharks were swimming through the submerged streets of the Lower Ninth Ward? Did you see the photographs of Katrina, the ones showing the hurricane menacing New Orleans like a Wizard of Oz cartoon twister? Continue reading “The Rumor Mill”