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Putin will stop at nothing

Dissidents against the authoritarian regime, many of them in London, are raising the stakes. The President’s response is to get even tougher — and to target Britain in his new propaganda war.

Should Putin host the G8?

By allowing Russia to stage the summit we have accepted her as one of us. This G8 will give its tacit approval to the theft of private  assets, the destruction of the rule of law and the violation of human rights.

In Search of Pro-Americanism

There has never been a more popular time to be anti-American. From Beijing to Berlin, from Sydney to São Paulo, America’s detractors have become legion. But not everyone has chosen to get on the anti-American bandwagon. Where–and among whom–is America still admired, and why? Meet the pro-Americans.

Russia looks at ‘little brother’ –and worries

It was an institution I’d never heard of – the Foundation for Peace and Co-operation – but the invitation to speak there came from someone at the American embassy, the name sounded anodyne enough, and I thought the audience, teachers from provincial Russia, in Moscow for a five-day course on “civic education”, might prove interesting.

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