Erst Baumrinden essen, dann Menschenfleisch

Nicolas Werth erzählt in “Die Insel der Kannibalen” eine besonders grausame Episode der sowjetischen Geschichte. 6000 Gefangene wurden 1933 in Westsibirien auf einer kargen Insel ausgesetzt. Ohne Nahrung, ohne Saatgut, ohne Werkzeuge.

What really destroyed the Hungarians in 1956?

Of all the great events of the Cold War, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 is probably the one most in need of serious historical attention. In part this is because new archives have at last explained a number of mysteries: did Imre Nagy, the reforming communist and later national hero, really request Soviet ‘assistance’ in …

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Should Putin host the G8?

By allowing Russia to stage the summit we have accepted her as one of us. This G8 will give its tacit approval to the theft of private  assets, the destruction of the rule of law and the violation of human rights.

Short-listing doomed intellectuals

So powerful was the image of Russia created by the extraordinary group of writers, artists and philosophers who dominated their country’s intellectual life at the beginning of the 20th century that it persists even today.

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