Memory speaks volumes

It’s a dangerous business, oral history, at least when you try it in Russia. Without oral history a complete history of the Soviet Union is almost impossible to write. Archival documents are dry, containing only the official point of view; memoirs, often written years later, are unreliable and frequently slide over important details.

Putin will stop at nothing

Dissidents against the authoritarian regime, many of them in London, are raising the stakes. The President’s response is to get even tougher — and to target Britain in his new propaganda war.

How Life Imitates Chess

If I were a leading venture capitalist, the CEO of a large company, or in any case a person in search of ways to win friends and influence people, then I would be in a much better position to judge the utility of How Life Imitates Chess, Garry Kasparov’s bid to convince business executives that …

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Erst Baumrinden essen, dann Menschenfleisch

Nicolas Werth erzählt in “Die Insel der Kannibalen” eine besonders grausame Episode der sowjetischen Geschichte. 6000 Gefangene wurden 1933 in Westsibirien auf einer kargen Insel ausgesetzt. Ohne Nahrung, ohne Saatgut, ohne Werkzeuge.

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