Anne Applebaum

When China Starved

Cymbals clashed; a giant scroll unfurled. There were fireworks, kites, “ancient soldiers” marching in formation, modern dancers bending their bodies into impossible shapes, astronauts, puppets, children, multiple high-tech gizmos.

Die Macht der Worte

Obwohl mittlerweile drei Jahrzehnte vergangen sind seit jenem Winter 1974, als erste ungebundene, handgetippte Samisdat-Manuskripte des “Archipel Gulag” in der damals sogenannten Sowjetunion zu zirkulieren begannen, sind die Gefühle immer noch stark.

The Hour of Europe

“This is the hour of Europe.” Way back in 1991, when an otherwise forgettable foreign minister of Luxembourg infamously pronounced that sentence, it seemed to portend great things. “This is the hour of Europe”: That meant that in the post-Cold War world, Europeans, not Americans, would resolve the conflicts that were about to become the …

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