Love Gained, Love Lost

Enfin, the rumors confirmed! Last weekend, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France married his singer-supermodel sweetheart, Carla Bruni, in a 20-minute civil ceremony at the Elysees Palace, the French White House. A city official performed the service. The bridal party consisted of family members plus one or two fashionable friends. Apparently the bride wore white.

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Wir wollen Veränderung

Als ich vergangenen Sommer in Neu Mexiko die Lokalzeitung „Santa Fe New Mexican“ in die Hände bekam, war darin von Hillary Clinton oder Barack Obama keine Rede. Im Fokus der Wahlberichterstattung des „New Mexican“ stand der allseits bewunderte demokratische Gouverneur des Staates, Bill Richardson, der damals noch im Rennen um die Präsidentschaft 2008 war.

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Beauty and the East

There was a particular historical moment, round about 1995 or so, when anyone entering a well-appointed drawing room, dining room or restaurant in London was sure to encounter a beautiful Russian woman. Though the word “beautiful” doesn’t really capture the phenomenon: The women I’m remembering were extraordinarily, unbelievably stunning.

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