Radio To Stay Tuned To

“Radio Free Europe? Does that still exist?” That was the question; the speaker was an Important Public Broadcaster, visiting Europe for a few days last week. It wasn’t a surprising query, as these things go, or an ignorant one. Not many other Americans know that Radio Free Europe still exists, so why should he?

Putinismus forever

Russland hat einen neuen Präsidenten. Doch das System seines Vorgängers lebt fort – und ist sogar zu einem Exportschlager geworden.

Cellphone Pictures In Lhasa

Cellphone photographs and videos from Tibet, blurry and amateurish, are circulating on the Internet. Some show clouds of tear gas; others, burning buildings and shops; still others, monks in purple robes, riot police and confusion.

Olympic Fallacies

“We believe the Olympic Games are not the place for demonstrations, and we hope that all people attending the games recognize the importance of this.” Thus spoke Samsung Electronics, one of 12 major corporate sponsors of the Olympics, when asked last week whether recent events in Tibet were causing it any concern.

Why Russia Holds ‘Elections’

Last Wednesday, Dmitry Medvedev took a break from his job as deputy prime minister of Russia and held a public meeting. Dressed in shirtsleeves, he talked about pension reform, promised to improve education, shook a few hands.

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