The New New World Order

American troops have landed in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Russia’s post-communist satrapies. The Indian government has agreed, for the first time ever, to let American planes land on its soil too.

Division in Europe

It isn’t often that I think the opinions of another magazine are worth quoting at length, but I have just read something so stunning that I think it worth making an exception.

Allies, For The Most Part

London — On the morning after the terrorist assaults on New York and Washington, my friend Matt, a New Yorker who has lived here for a long time, woke up to discover a sympathy card slipped under his door.

The Great Error

North of the Arctic Circle, roses do not grow. There are no daisies or lilies; there are no sunflowers or geraniums. Only a few species of charmless wildflower have learned to take advantage of the very short, very hot, northern summers.

Soviet-style terror has the media at bay

President Putin’s tightening grip looks likely to crush his country’s last privately owned TV station. By any standards NTV, the only remaining privately owned television station in Russia, is in a peculiar position. Its chief shareholder, Vladimir Gusinsky, has fled the country, having been arrested once already.

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